Rural Connectivity

Axesson’s specialized Rural Connect Plan

Nearly 50 million Americans live in rural areas and face challenges in accessing high quality health care. This represents the vast majority of the approximately 62 million Americans that live in regions with shortages of primary care providers. As of 2012, we have an estimated population of  836,441 living in rural California (USDA-ERS).  Rural health care providers face chronic workforce shortages across all health professions & disciplines, including HIT technical support personnel.

Axesson brings you the expertise & engineering to establish a sustainable HIE.  This empowers you with Direct Exchange, a clinical data repository, MPI (master patient index) and longitudinal health record (the ability to see the health of your patient across time & multiple facilities). HIE creates a HIPAA-compliant, secure method to exchange patient data across organizations,  disparate systems, labs, hospitals and clinics. Use of HIE enhances patient care collaboration & improves care outcomes.  Axesson can also connect your EHR across regions & even states – to other providers, as well as your HIE.

Rural HIE Chart

The powerful benefits of connectivity to exchange patient data are essential here, and Axesson offers a full suite of solutions.   Awarded by CheQ as a preferred rural HIE service provider in light of our success, we’re now bringing our complete bi-directional data exchange with seamless integration, to rural CA clients.

 Benefits include:           Rural 2 Cropped

  • Meeting Meaningful Use & HIPAA Compliance
  • Direct Messaging
  • Bi-directional Exchange of Patient Data, orders & results in near real time
  • Reducing Labor Costs & Administrative Process
  • Streamlining Acute & Chronic Care
  • Public Health Improvement (Immunization, Medicaid reporting)
  • Enhanced Collaboration of Care

Our technology drives the highly successful, long established Santa Cruz HIE  This model HIE has more than 750 users across the community with bi-directional access to the Exchange via Web and EHR Interfaces.  More than 180,000 HL7 clinical and CCD documents are exchanged every month, with a repository of more than 8 million documents available to providers. Axesson offers solutions to fit all needs, capabilities and budgets, all built on the same technology and framework to allow for expansion without re-architecture.

•EHR Interfaces:
–Surgery Centers
–Referral Partners
–Health Information Exchange Organizations
•HIE Software and Operational Services
•NwHIN Direct and NwHIN Exchange
•Device Interfaces & Integration

Today, there are wonderful funding opportunities available for initial implementation through CheQ’s innovative grants – if you act now (grants available for work completed by 11/30/13).  Axesson is honored to have been selected by CheQ to provide Directed Exchange & Longitudinal Patient Record services to California’s rural communities.

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