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Axesson delivers health information exchange and analytic solutions necessary to connect Healthcare Providers, Hospitals, IPAs, Accountable Care Organizations and Health Information Organizations. Our 15+ years of experience with interfaces,  HIE’s and creating system interoperability allow us to provide complete connectivity solutions. Axesson’s ClearExchange© provides you with one bi-directional connection with all health care partners, labs’, hospitals’, and organizations’ EHRs, and/or Health Information Exchanges.

Health Information Technology (HIT) has made tremendous advances.  Until now, there have been gaps between HIT breakthroughs that should be working hand in hand. These gaps keep technologies from reaching their full potential – draining your organization’s time, patience & cash.

Quickly deployable, ClearExchange© vastly reduces the hassles you thought you’d have to live with forever: faxing and scanning, software application switching, courier deliveries, postage costs, re-keying, printing and filing, and time delays. Instead, patient records are instantly available and shareable through your EHR software … and secure. It’s the way EHRs were meant to work, and it’s finally here via Axesson’s ClearExchange© solution.

The brainchild of a team of seasoned engineers and industry leaders, Axesson wasn’t created overnight. For years, our core team headed up one of the industry’s longest-established Healthcare Information Exchanges (Santa Cruz HIE).  During that time, we heard a lot from people like yourself in the healthcare industry. People who loved the idea of EHRs, but were frustrated with their lack of connection to each other—and to HIEs. People who longed for the true connectivity they’d been promised for so long. And we listened to them. Welcome to the ultimate bi-directional information exchange system developed by Axesson, known as ClearExchange©.


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Technologies by Axesson and Humetrix make the secure transfer of healthcare data easy and seamless.


Just in from HIMSS 2014- The Health Story Project

Did you miss us at HIMSS 2014? Watch The Health Story Project video to experience true interoperability. The Health Story Project at HIMSS 2014 illustrates standards based interoperability- bringing everyone to the table to collaborate on a patient’s care. The care team includes the primary care physician, surgeon, oncologist, a behavioral health specialist, and the patient herself. Patient health data is seamlessly transitioned across various care settings resulting in better care coordination and health management. At the center of all this collaboration is Axesson’s HIE platform.