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Axesson – Who We Are

We bring you an expert team from both sides of the patient care technology equation.

From our roots as providers, visionary engineering & HIT teams, we have created one of the most advanced HIE’s in the country – Santa Cruz HIE. This success inspired the creation of our technology company, Axesson. We provide you with the finest technology solutions you need in your every day workflow. We are an integration company – not just an interface company – offering you:

  • HIE to EHR connectivity
  • HIE implementations, administration & support
  • HIO organizational expertise
  • 3rd party solution connectivity

We provide a family of solutions for Providers, Hospitals and Health Information Exchange Organizations. These solutions empower interoperability, eliminate gaps, and make the software you already use work even better. We are EHR vendor agnostic & promote HIE-ready EHR applications. With over a decade of clinical connectivity experience, our innovators and industry experts consistently push the technology envelope to give you better productivity and a more satisfying experience. We give you the framework to work seamlessly; you get a powerful, connected reality.

All delivered through our Clear Exchange© technology.

Our Founding Team: Our parent company, Physicians Medical Group, is a leading countywide IPA with 300+ providers spread across 100 care settings. In 1996, one of the country’s longest running and most successful HIEs (Santa Cruz HIE) was founded by PMG, & continues to drive expanding technical capabilities of HIEs under the direction and visionary expertise of Bill Beighe. Santa Cruz HIE is a multi-stakeholder HIO, with over 750 users & 10 connected EHRs with more being added every day; over 180k documents added each month and a repository of more than 8 million documents available to providers, all being shared electronically.

Now health care organizations like yours are successfully using Axesson’s ClearExchange© system to send & receive important medical data to & from labs, hospitals, clinics & HIEs. Networking & collaborative care requires real time, accurate data in the hands of you & your providers. We understand these needs, and have engineered the technology to get you not just connected – but communicating.

What is ClearExchange©
You’ve experienced interfaces that offer a one way relay of data, and their limitations. ClearExchange© gives you a single delivery system that intelligently communicates bi-directionally with all your data sources. Your patient care data flows seamlessly to & from all community connected facilities into your HIE, and will be delivered directly into your practice. Interactive data is organized and placed right into your patient’s chart – inside your EHR. No faxing, data transfer, or couriers – just real time data exchange where you need it. Initiate a lab order, for example, and ClearExchange© not only sends the order but delivers the results that arrive – formatted & delivered directly into your EHR as reportable data elements. No attachments, no faxes or documents to read & transfer data. ClearExchange© connectivity takes your practice to the next level, from multiple point to point interfaces, to a single bidirectional interface that provides real time delivery and receipt of patient related data.

All your patients’ data you need to provide care – all in one place. Now, your EHR is working FOR you.  mirthalliancepartner_logo Small
Connect. Collaborate. Care.