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Marvin Labrie – CEO at Axesson57-09-24(Print)

  • Marvin Labrie is a founder of Axesson & was appointed CEO of Physicians Medical Group of Santa Cruz County (PMG) in 1997.  Due to Mr. Labrie’s leadership Santa Cruz County is considered to be among the most electronically connected medical communities in the United States.
  • For over twelve years, PMG has successfully integrated and supported a countywide electronic communications system connecting PMG’s 300 physicians, two hospitals, multiple surgery centers and ancillary service providers. The award winning electronic health records (EHR) system is a central component of the Santa Cruz Health Information Exchange and allows affiliated physicians to immediately access preventative and chronic disease care history.
  • PMG has been recognized as a leading physicians group, breaking standard patterns of health care administration to explore systemic improvements that boost provider communications, patient access, and electronic connectivity between facilities and care providers. Innovations in these areas have facilitated continuous improvement in care quality and the initiatives have not gone unnoticed at regional, state and national levels.
  • In 2013, PMG was asked to join the CAPG Board of Directors. Marvin Labrie, Chief Executive Officer, and Nancy Greenstreet, MD, Medical Director are sharing the responsibility of representing Physicians Medical Group at the California Association of Physicians Groups proceedings. Bill Beighe, Axesson Chief Information Officer, and Stephanie Wilks, PMG Business Development and Marketing Director, are active members of the CAPG Information Technology and Public Relations committees respectively.
  • To assist affiliated independent physicians, Mr. Labrie led the foundation of a Managed Services Organization (MSO) within PMG.
  • Mr. Labrie’s extensive experience in health care administration, strategic planning and business development has been applied within the private and public sectors. Mr. Labrie has served on the Santa Cruz Business Council’s Board of Directors since 1997 and was appointed by the County Board of Supervisors to the Workforce Investment Board from 2001-2006. In 1998, Mr. Labrie was appointed to the University of California Advisory Board for the Department of Economics and served as an adjunct faculty at Golden Gate University teaching Managed Care and Integrated Delivery Systems in the MBA and Health Services masters programs.

Bill Beighe, General Manager at AxessonBillBeighemedium

  • Mr. Beighe has been involved with the Santa Cruz Health Information Exchange since 1998 and joined Physicians Medical Group of Santa Cruz  in 2001. Over that time the volume of clinical documents delivered across the HIE has risen 6 fold and the number of active electronic users recently passed 600.
  • The PMG Santa Cruz Health Information Exchange is one of the oldest and most advanced in the country.  The clinical network connects Physicians Medical Group a 300 physician Independent Physician Association, two local hospitals, several County Health Clinics, County Detention, Mental Health, seven national and local reference labs, five imaging centers and several safety net clinics. More than 1.2 million web transactions occur each month on the Exchange as well as tens of thousands of new electronic prescriptions, electronic refill requests, pre-treatment authorizations, orders, referrals, radiology reports and transcribed documents, made possible by the technology and team of Axesson.
  • Bill organized PMG’s Technology Committee which sets IT standards across the group. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of the California eHealth Collaborative (CAeHC) and the California Privacy & Security Advisory Board (CalPSAB) as well as the Technical Advisory Board advising California Health and Human Services (CHHS) on HIE development in California. Bill served on the Technology Work Group for CalRHIO and on the Patient Identification Sub-committee.
  • As CIO and HIPAA Security Officer, Bill is responsible for all computer systems at Physicians Medical Group, a 300 provider Independent Physicians Association and primary sponsor of the Health Information Exchange.
  • Bill Beighe is the General Manager of Axesson and CIO of the California based Physician Medical Group and the Santa Cruz Health Information Exchange. Bill has been involved with the Santa Cruz Health Information Exchange since 1998, and he is responsible for the information systems at Physician’s Medical Group, a 300 provider independent physicians association, and primary sponsor of the Santa Cruz HIE.
    Bill holds many certifications including Mirth reseller certification.
  • COMMITTEES & BOARDS ·         Bill serves as co-chair of the California Association of Health Information Exchanges (CaHIE) and is on the Advisory Committee for CHeQ, part of the UC Davis Institute for Population Health Improvement. He also serves on the board for CalHIPSO, one of the 60 federally-designated Regional Extension Centers. He serves on the board of Lumetra Health Care Solutions.  Previously Bill served on the Board of Directors of Cal eConnect, the Governance Entity providing leadership to enable Health Information Exchange (HIE) services in California. He is Vice-Chair and a founding member of the National Axolotl User Group. Bill formerly served on the Board of Directors for California eHealth Collaborative (CAeHC) and prior to that on the Technology Committee for CalRHIO.
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    • HL7 Member
    • California Association of Physician Groups (CAPG) IT Committee
    • HIMSS Member  
    • Health Story Project