What makes ClearExchange© so different?

We bring you much more than interfaces.  We bridge the gaps in your disparate systems, making them interoperable. Once connected, all of your systems will be able to seamlessly communicate.  This bi-directional exchange brings a new level of secure, real-time data right into your EMR. Your Axesson team offers expertise on both sides of the equation. Given our HIT expertise, paired with our parent company’s history as providers, we understand your gap technology needs & have developed the solution.  One connection – unlimited communication.

Health care workers are confronted with far too many different systems that they need to interact with to gain a full picture of  the patient’s health status.  When you put an EMR into your practice, many doctors think that all of the data is going to be there.  Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth.  Most EMRs simply create another electronic silo that only talks to other systems in a very limited way – often requiring faxing, couriered reports, and thus losing the discreet data.

Our vision is to implement a system behind the scenes that brings the data to the product that you are using.  Virtually everything that is needed  is placed directly into the patient’s chart & your hands.  This data is delivered to what we call “interfaces”.  Many interfaces are document based, meaning that all they do is present a picture of the data.  They don’t present the data itself.  We present the data itself, meaning that the values in the data (like actual blood pressure or lab results) are computable.   So, not only can the human read the values, but the system can compute the values & alert you if there’s a problem.  And they are also searchable results – this is “discreet data”.

How does this save Costs? 

We move discreet data from system to system in the background so that you can use it effectively to better treat patients.  Traditionally, without interfaces, practices have had to invest in administrative staff to gather documentation, scan results in or manually type in data.  Whenever one has to re-enter data, not only is it costly, but there’s a possibility of human error.  These systems deliver the discreet data into the right place in your system.  So, for example, a radiology report would go in to the radiology tab; a referral right into the referral tab.  The patient data is organized into the correct discreet places, as opposed to just a pile of scanned or faxed documents.

We’ve found that the typical doctor spends more than $10k per year in administrative support to deal with all this paper, couriers & faxing, etc.   With this added efficiency & savings, you’re getting accurate data delivered faster, directly into your EMR.

In addition, as we move into Pay For Outcomes, the importance of collaborating with a care team that is beyond your four walls becomes even more important.  The systems & solutions that we offer give you the ability to avoid redundant testing, as the tests that are done can be discovered as opposed to repeated.

How Fast is the Exchange of Data?

It’s near real time.  Results are delivered within minutes of being sent by the source system.  In the case of a lab, they have LIS (Laboratory Information System) – as soon as that lab finals the values, we’ve delivered it into your EMR within a 5-15 minute range.  This applies whether the source is across the street or across the country.

What Equipment is Involved?

Our system is software that runs on an appliance that we place in your office (or wherever you have an EMR), and it’s similar to a small pc.  As it runs, we monitor its performance 24/7.  We connect you to many data sources including multiple hospitals, labs, your trading partners; federal organizations such as the VA & DOD (via NwHIN), etc.  Our system is quickly deployed, with minimal practice interference or participation required.

Is ClearExchange© HL7 Compliant?

Yes.  The most common standard is HL7 v2.  The systems that we encounter probably use many different versions of HL7 – and we can deal with all of the various versions, as well as the more modern 3.0. The standards are still under development.  The government & stakeholders have yet to agree at a detailed level on the standards.  That leads to too much optionality.  ClearExchange resolves this by taking those options & mapping them.  This insures that the message sent is received correctly.  As updates occur, or systems change, we revise as well.

Does ClearExchange© have a proven track record? 

Yes!  Our success in standing up Santa Cruz HIE has become a national model of leading edge data exchange.  We’re leveraging the technologies that we utilized in setting up SCHIE & sharing them to enhance the coordination of patient care for providers nationwide.

Will this work with my system? 

ClearExchange© works with most major EMRs. Contact us today to explore your options. 

We don’t have an HIE – Can you help us set one up? 

Yes! Our team established the renowned Santa Cruz HIE, one of the longest running & most successful HIEs in the nation.


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