Chaos In – Clarity Out

Project Team:

We have several individuals within our team that are available to support you during your project:

Dedra Lakely

Operations Manager : Contracting * Scheduling * Project Mgmt.
Luke Hosking

Lead Developer: Implementation * Technical Questions


The fastest way to reach us is via email Be sure to send any PHI via a secure email.  Sending an email automatically loads your support request into our support system, generates a ticket and notifies our team. An email is also automatically generated to the operations manager 24/7.

Technical Assistance Available Contact Info
Call Center 8am to 5pm PST Monday-Friday, excluding holidays 831-600-3750
**Axesson is not responsible for issues related to Customer’s computer or internal and external computer network.

Monitoring: Axesson monitors the feeds that pick up from your location and/or deliver to you. These monitors run 24/7 and alert us to any problems. This alerting allows us to take action, many times before you notice any latency in data. Axesson will alert you via a broadcast email if there are any extended periods that data is not flowing. Be sure to email all contacts you wish to be alerted to Subject line: Alerting.