PHR Ignite Project

May 16, 2014

The ONC’s State Health Policy Consortium supported The PHR Ignite Project to promote data exchange between patients and providers, across state lines.

The National Association for Trusted Exchange (NATE) and the Santa Cruz Health Information Exchange (SCHIE), both participated in the pilot project.

Axesson is a member of NATE and the flagship technology company behind SCHIE.

“NATE developed trust bundles that enabled widespread Direct exchange” across state lines (Oregon, California and Alaska), “between participating PHR systems and EHRs through participating Health Information Service Providers (HISPs)”

SCHIE worked with community physicians to provide NoMoreClipboard PHRs to patients, expanding patient engagement through the bi-directional, trusted Direct exchange of patient health information.

The pilot participants developed policies and “governance structure” for implementing HISP-PHR Direct communication.

“NATE member States support and look forward to continuing their multi-state governance approach to increase interoperability, decrease the cost and complexity of Direct exchange, increase trust among participants, facilitate consumer mediated exchange, and mobilize exchange to support patient care.”

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