Concentric Patient Care – Our Solution

ClearExchange© brings together all of the health care team’s resources into a patient-centric, live-view system.  Here are just a few of the breakthrough benefits achieved with ClearExchange:

Eliminate cumbersome portal log ins – Axesson’s interface means instant data relay – no more cumbersome log-ins.

EMRs are simply silos of data – Your patient data is digitized & stored in your EHR, which is the first step.  The next is putting it to use. With ClearExchange©, data is securely communicated – sharing with other providers & specialists, clinics, labs, agencies, and your HIE.  You & your trading partners have a real time medical fingerprint of your patient.

Document Based Interfaces are limited – ClearExchange© makes your data shareable; generates alerts, and places incoming discreet data, intelligently organized, directly into the patients’ chart right inside your EMR

☑ Most systems available still have Redundancy – Axesson has eliminated the need for transmitted data to be received & manually entered into charts & EHRs.  The savings in administrative costs of everything from couriers & faxing to transcription and data entry can easily run $10k or more annually.  We’ll reduce that by 80% or more, while reducing errors as well.

Timing is everything – ClearExchange© means that everything you send & receive is transmitted within moments, instead of hours or days.

Impacting the bottom line – Improved results thru eliminating redundant tests, prioritized alerts & collaborative communications all add up to both enhanced patient care as well as Pay per Outcome returns.

Current system unmonitored – Axesson monitors your data flow 365 days a year. Our remote review service is already included in our nominal annual maintenance & support fee.  Avoid downtime, and rely on our expert team to keep your system optimized.

Multiple HIE connections are no problem.  Don’t have an HIE? We can help. Our parent company founders (Physicians Medical Group) established the longest running & most successful HIE in the country (Santa Cruz HIE).  Now you can benefit from the cutting edge technology we engineered.

Data standards – our system incorporates HL7 v.2 and HL7 v.3, and is continually updated.