How It Works

One Interface Brings It All Together

Health Information Technology has gaps—places where leading tools should work in unison, but don’t. That’s why Axesson offers Gap Technology ™, a family of solutions for Providers, Hospitals and Health Information Exchange Organizations. These solutions empower interoperability, eliminate gaps, and make the software you already use work even better.

All your data.  All your partners’ data. All in one place.

Vastly reducing faxing and scanning, software application switching, courier deliveries, postage costs, re-keying, printing and filing, and time delays. Instead, everything’s instantly available and shareable through your EHR software. It’s the way EHRs were meant to work, and it’s finally here.  Now, for the first time ever, you can affordably put your care team’s workflow right inside your EHR.  You will be directly connected with labs’, hospitals’ & organizations’ EHRs, & with your HIE.  Then, access, store & process partners’ information easily.  From orders to results, your EHR can do it all.